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For over 120 years, naturopathy has been the governing discipline in the science of natural wellness or holistic health. It includes all types of traditional healing concepts, modalities and styles. Properly trained Naturopaths are, in essence, the general practitioner of natural or alternative medicine. Whether you are starting your education in our Traditional Naturopath program or advancing your professional skills with one of our ground breaking Virtual Mentorships, Know Your Wellness has the path for you.

The Int’l Institute of Natural Wellness Education has built the finest reputation in Naturopathy by empowering our graduates with the skills, knowledge and experience to change the lives of those around them. Whether for your own health, or as a full time profession.  Whether you are a doctor or just starting out, regardless of age or background, our programs are designed to create competent, successful, empowered and passionate Naturopaths. Our mission is your wellness and our legacy is our graduates. It’s time to take the next step and make your dreams a reality.


Our Featured Program

Traditional Naturopathy

Enroll to Become a Traditional Naturopath Today! This program gives you a working knowledge of all areas of natural medicine. This program will equip you to practice as a Traditional Naturopath and prepare you to take your ANMCB national board exams to become a Nationally Board Certified Traditional Naturopath.

Advanced Studies

Clinical Herbology Mentorship

The NEW Clinical Herbology Mentorship is HERE!  This postgraduate mentorship gives you a deep understanding of herb personalities, field botany, herbal energetics, and body system applications.  Professor Steven Horne takes you on a journey of discovery with his 30+ years of experience in Herbalism.

Clinical Iridology Fellowship

Our IIPA Sanctioned Course gives you a deep understanding of Iridology. You will be instructed and supported by Dr. Ellen Tart-Jensen, who has studied and worked in the field of Iridology for over 25 years. She is an esteemed expert in this field. At the end of this course, you will have the opportunity to practice what you have learned.

What Our Students are Saying About Us

“This program has made me realize the possibilities afforded to me in helping people overcome issues in their lives by simply providing knowledge, and helping people realize that they have choices and options to seek their destiny... This program has definitely given me the opportunity to succeed in this endeavor!”
Given me the opportunity to succeed.
“I learned so many different ways of inspiring change in others, the confidence to start using what I've learned in my practice immediately, and that there are an infinite amount of ways in assisting and encouraging the body to heal itself - hope is never lost.”
Hope is never lost.
“This knowledge took a world of disjointed holistic modality islands and brought it all together into a new world of complimentary healing opportunities for me. Connecting all of the assessment techniques, modalities and emotions/psychology of the 5 element chart has given me the confidence to know I have a foundation to help anyone.”
I have a foundation to help anyone.

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