Know Your Wellness Education

Natural Wellness Education Curriculums

This program offers everything you need to prepare for the ANMCB Board Exam

The Traditional Naturopathy Program is divided into 6 Terms. Each Term will introduce a different style and modality of Naturopathy.

Postgraduate Mentorship Programs

The Know Your Wellness Mentorships not only give you the chance to focus on your specialty, but they also build toward a doctorate certification. A total of 24 credit months of post graduate programs, along with final projects and associated assessments, qualify you to apply for your Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy certification.  You are receiving the finest post graduate mentorships, in specialties of your choosing, and working towards the next milestone in your professional career in the field of Natural Wellness.

Clinical Herbology

Taught by International Educator and best selling Author

Professor Steven Horne

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Taught by Esteemed Expert, Educator, and Author

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Other Wellness Education Courses

ANMCB Exam Prep
Continued Ed-Herbal Energetics