Withdrawal & Refund Policy

Request for Withdrawal:

Any Request for Withdrawal must be submitted to KYW in writing.


  • All fees paid to KYW are non-refundable.

Refund of Initial Tuition:

  • Any request for a refund of the initial tuition paid must be made within ten (10) days of the date of enrollment.  No refunds for the initial tuition shall be made after that time.

Withdrawal from Program:

  • Any participant may withdraw from the program at any time, upon written Request for Withdrawal, as set forth above.  Any written Request for Withdrawal must be received ten (10) days prior to the monthly payment.
  • All persons withdrawing from the program shall forfeit all access to any restricted access material, completion certificates, and/or the student sections of KnowYourWellness.org.
  • Withdrawal shall suspend any ongoing payment obligation on the part of the person withdrawing from the program.  As set forth above, no refund shall be made of fees that have already been paid, or of the tuition.

Suspension of Fees

  • Monthly payments are part of a tuition payment plan; they are not a monthly access fee. Accordingly, tuition payments will be billed and must be paid, regardless of the amount of access that you have utilized that month. KYW does not offer a pay-per-section program. KYW does not correlate the amounts owed for tuition to the amount or level of  access that you, the student, have utilized.
  • As set forth above, the only way to suspend the obligation of tuition payments is to withdraw from the program and forfeit your coursework and tuition that has been already collected.