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The International Institute of Natural Wellness Education will be providing the ANMCB exam preparation course. This exam review will include a series of online modules. These modules include over 200 questions, recorded lectures, and reading assignments.  Be reminded that this program is a review of content you should have already learned in your Naturopathic program. This exam prep program will only be available to you for the 4 months preceding your scheduled exam. Know Your Wellness students can register now for this course.  Students from other naturopathic programs will need to have an exam testing date scheduled with the ANMCB within the next 4 months BEFORE you register for this course.

We are honored to bring our expertise and proven system to aid you in preparing for the ANMCB exam. Tuition for this exam prep program is $395. You may email us directly at [email protected] with any questions. We are excited to have you join our program.

INCLUDED in the purchase price of this program is a live, in-person review class at the Westgate Resort in Las Vegas at the annual ANMA Convention.  The in-person review is always on the Thursday right before the exam at the ANMA Convention.  This live class is optional, but we encourage all ANMCB Exam Prep students to attend in order to ask questions and review in person with Know Your Wellness staff.  Check the ANMCB website listed below for this year’s exam date.

2024 Live, In-Person Review Class:  August 22nd, 2024 from 12pm to 5pm at the Westgate (Room location will be emailed to you in August)

BE ADVISED – Enrollment in this exam prep program DOES NOT mean you are registered to take the ANMCB exam.  We do not register you for the ANMCB certification exam.  We do not speak for the ANMCB in any way and disclaim all liability as such. Our goal is to prepare you by ensuring that you have an understanding of the principles you will be tested on.  Please contact the ANMCB for questions regarding the exam.



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