ANMCB Exam Prep


The International Institute of Natural Wellness Education will be providing the ANMCB exam preparation course.  This course is specifically designed to prepare students for the changes that came with the 2019 ANMCB exam.  This test review will include a series of online modules starting in May of 2020.  It also includes a 2 day live class on Wednesday and Thursday prior to the exam.  This combination of live and online modules is a proven education platform that has made a leader in Traditional Naturopathy education.  We are honored to bring our expertise and proven system to aid you in the 2020 ANMCB exam.

Tuition for this exam prep program is all inclusive for both the online and live portions.  This is not a one or the other type of system.  The online modules work in tandem with the live class.  Students in the prep program will attend both the online and the live classes.  The tuition is $395. You may call us directly at 208-899-2712 with any questions. We are excited to have you join our program.

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