Immune Wellness Assessment Certification

Immune Wellness Assessment Certification

With the economic & social landscape of business changing rapidly, it has never been more important for Naturopaths to be effective in two very key skills:

  1. Utilizing a step-by-step system of assessments to determine the stability of a client’s immune response so that you are always customizing your recommendations from the many different homeopathics, oils, herbs, nutrients and lifestyle choices that we have available to us, as Naturopaths. Then you are truly individualizing each immune support protocol for your clients.
  2. Knowing how to do these Immune Support Assessments over the internet. Being able to do online consultations for immune support and all other naturopathic methods ensures the survival of your practice and the amount of good you can do is no longer restricted by geography.

There has never been more need for Naturopaths to be effective and comfortable in making such online consultations available to our friends, families, communities and to all of humanity.

Stop believing AND perpetuating the online debate that there is one protocol or remedy to ensure a proper immune defense.

Naturopathy was built upon the principle of individuality. Focusing on the big picture as you look at clients as individuals.

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