BE ADVISED – Enrollment in this exam prep program DOES NOT mean you are enrolled to take the ANMCB exam. You must contact the ANMCB separately to ensure you are properly registered to take the exam. We do not speak for the ANMCB in any way and disclaim all liability as such. Our goal is to prepare you by ensuring that you have an understanding of the principles you will be tested on.  Please contact the ANMCB for questions regarding the exam.

One of the big keys to your success on the ANMCB Board Exam is your familiarity with the book, “Combining Old and New: Naturopathy for the 21st Century” by Robert J. Thiel, PhD. If you have not already purchased this book, please order it now using the button link below. You must be very familiar with this book. In the past, we have had students that found a point or two in this book that they did not agree with. Remember, this book was referenced by the exam writers, so regardless of your opinions, please understand that you will be tested on the content in this book. Study it carefully.

There are also lessons that include reading assignments to go with the book mentioned above. Each reading assignment will include a quiz to help reinforce your learning. We suggest you study the lesson content until you feel comfortable taking the associated quiz.  If you do not get an 80% or higher, then re-study the areas you missed and take it a second time.  You can only take a quiz 3 times without being locked out. If you need to take a quiz more than 3 times, please email [email protected] to have us reset your account. Also, you cannot go on to the next lesson until you have successfully completed the quiz with a passing grade of 80% or better.

Be reminded that this program is a review of content you should have already learned in your Naturopathic program. This exam prep program will only be available to you for the 4 months preceding your scheduled exam. Please plan and study accordingly.

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Understanding Cell Structure
Naturopathy for the 21st Century
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