Naturopathic Doctor Residency Program

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Setting A New Standard In Naturopathic Education

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Clinical Skills

Bi-Monthly web conferences by top Naturopaths from around the world on the “how to’s” of clinical practicing.

Live Assessment Skills

Neuro-Lingual Points, Iridology, Face Analysis, Muscle Response Testing, and TCM Pulse Testing.

Live Internship

At a board certified internship clinic of your choosing. Nothing can replace the experience of a clinical setting.

Manual Modalities

Acupoint – Tuning Forks, Cranial Sacral, Mechano-Therapy, Reflexology, Energy Balancing

Research Externship

Learn to properly collect and publish research data for your clinic in collaboration with doctors around the world.

Live Residency

Learn to implement all parts of Naturopathy into one cohesive healing system in our clinic, under faculty supervision.

Naturopathic Doctor Residency

Clinical Skills

Many programs teach philosophy and concepts out of a book. However, one of the many things that distinguishes this residency from all the other programs out there, is the clinical skills aspect. In these moderated web discussions, experts from around the world discuss the nuts and bolts of working in a clinical setting. These experts help Naturopaths understand how to cohesively integrate the vast array of assessment and balancing modalities that are available. Top Naturopaths have always known that success often is not about what what herb, oil, homeopathic, supplement, nutrient, technology, therapeutic modality or mental/energetic technique…Success is about seeing the big picture and learning how to integrate these and many other concepts into one fluid protocol. It’s learning how to address the whole person, and not becoming myopically focused on a single area of naturopathy that you may be more comfortable with such as essential oils, herbology or nutrition.

In these lectures, you will have the opportunity to discuss the real “how to’s” of a clinical practice, discussing different disease states and how Naturopathy can influence them for the better. These web conferences make up a significant part of this residency program and provide the type of real world experience that a residency is intended to provide. These webinars will be held several times a month for the full program. One of the many reasons for enrolling now is that participants that are starting in April 2020 (enrollment by February), will have the opportunity to learn from experts around the world. This one time opportunity will give students the chance to interact in a live discussion, asking questions to ensure that they are ready to apply what is being taught. Future students will still have the opportunity to learn from these webinars, but in a pre-recorded fashion and they will miss the chance to directly interact with the presenters. Enroll today to save your spot in this one time opportunity!

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Naturopathic Doctor Residency

Live Assessment Skills Class

Naturopathy, by definition, includes all types of non-invasive healing assessments and balancing modalities.  In order for a Naturopath to thrive during the internship and residency portions of this program, we need to ensure that they have a functioning knowledge of the most commonly used techniques.   Even for naturopaths that have already learned one of the covered modalities, this is a mandatory class.  Some students will be adding new tools to their clinical skills toolbox and others will simply be honing the accuracy of skills that they have already learned.  Either way, this 5 day class is packed with invaluable experience to assist you as you prepare to function in an internship and residency situation.
Skills such as:
  • Neuro-Lingual Assessment (NLA) points for digestion
  • Neuro-Lingual Assessments (NLA) points for endocrinology and body systems
  • Acupoint and reflex assessment
  • Therapeutic touch assessment
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) pulse assessment
  • Iris analysis
  • Face analysis
  • Body assessment and other functional analysis techniques
Though this live class is primarily dedicated to assessment skills, you will spend one full day learning the skill of applying sound waves with tuning forks to acupoints.  This is a powerful, non-invasive way to balance your client’s body.
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Naturopathic Doctor Residency

Live Internship

This groundbreaking internship element of this program significantly sets us apart from other educational opportunities.  One thing that any successful Naturopath understands, is that no knowledge learned from a book, class or webinar can ever replace the kind of learning that takes place in an actual clinical setting.  In this internship, you will choose from a list of Certified Internship Clinics from around the world.  The doctors from these clinics have went through additional board certification and clinical oversight review to prove their value as an internship clinic.  This ensures that they are incorporating the full range of Naturopathic concepts and modalities.  This means that you can rest assured that you are getting experience with the finest Naturopaths in the industry.  You will choose your clinic, schedule it directly with them and pay them accordingly.  Each clinic can choose it’s own fee, depending on its location and speciality, but the minimum is $500 for the 3 day (15 hours of clinical) internship.
This is not a class setting, it is a real live internship.  You will shadow, consult and participate in the day-to-day clinical work.  You will be the only intern for the days you are there. You will be able to ask questions and discuss protocols and longterm outcomes with the doctor.  You are required to attend at least one internship, but we encourage our students to participate in multiple internships if time and money permit. There is no substitute for real world experience.
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Naturopathic Doctor Residency

Manual Modalities

Many modern programs in naturopathy forget that all types of non-invasive manual modalities have been historically taught and incorporated.  We provide one of the last remaining programs to teach all types of traditional manual balancing techniques.
These modalities include:
  • Craniosacral Therapy
  • Reflexology
  • Gua Sha
  • Auricular Therapy
  • Cupping
  • Mechanotherapy
  • Naturopathic Energy Balancing
  • Acupoint Balancing
And so many more. Whether you plan on utilizing these occasionally, or as the primary focus of your practice, knowing and understanding all types of manual modalities will ensure that you are truly a rounded, competent Naturopathic Doctor.
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Naturopathic Doctor Residency

Research Externship

We live in a science-driven, number-focused society.  Often Naturopaths argue that because they are addressing the holistic “whole body” that such numbers are not useful.  It is true that in many cases, isolated numbers such as blood pressure or cholesterol do not give a clear picture of the holistic approach.  However, assuming that research must be isolated to medical metrics like blood numbers, is why critics of Naturopathy argue that we do not follow the scientific method.  Many health professions, such a mental health, have learned to do very effective research utilizing “self assessment” tools that allow ethical and valuable research to be collected and published.
In this program, you will be trained on how to do research collaboratively with other practitioners around the world for the benefit of Naturopathy as a whole.  You will ALSO learn to collect invaluable data in your own practice to utilize as you market your clinic’s services to prospective clients.  It is time that Traditional Naturopaths stop believing this false idea that proper data collection and publication is beyond their grasp.  Help us show to the world, and to perspective clients in your own communities, how effective Naturopathic principles can be when employed by a properly trained clinician, and let us show them with numbers.
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Naturopathic Doctor Residency

Live Residency

This 4 day residency is unlike any other opportunity in Traditional Naturopathy.  This is not a class.  In this residency, with other students from around the world, you will work in an actual clinical  setting.  While being supervised by faculty, you will apply all the principles, concepts, assessments and modalities into one fluid clinical system.  In between seeing clients, you will work in small teams and discuss your client recommendations.  This combination of real client experience, faculty oversight and collaboration and review with other professionals ensures that you are ready to successfully function in your own clinic.
This residency experience, along with the other 5 key components of this program, brings an unmatched culmination to your road to becoming a successful Naturopathic Doctor.
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Tuition & Other Fees

Tuition includes admission to the advanced clinical skills fellowship, live classes (clinical and residency), research externship, research advisors, adjunct professors, and other faculty.  However, the fees for the required clinical internship is not included.  This will be paid directly to the certified clinic of your choosing and will range between $500-$700 depending on the clinic.

Monthly Payments


20 monthly payments of $299 (save $520)

Regular Price - $325 a month (Total: $6500)

Pay In Full

one payment of $6195

Additional Costs

We work very hard to make this an affordable program for everyone, so we do not have a long list of fees. We do have several required books; however, most of these are not high priced textbooks. They are books you can purchase online at a reasonable price or even used. Aside from tuition and internship fees, the only other significant expense is the travel to the live Assessment Skills Clinical and the live Residency in Boise, Idaho (other locations available upon request with 40 students).

Program Overview

  • LIVE ASSESSMENT SKILLS CLINICAL: 5 Day Assessment Techniques
  • LIVE INTERNSHIP: 3 Days – additional fee
  • RESEARCH EXTERNSHIP: 10 Month Team Project
  • LIVE RESIDENCY: 4 Day Naturopathic Manual Assessment


  • Enroll by February 2020 for a one time chance to be a part of the online clinical skills fellowship LIVE – not pre-recorded.
  • Program Starting April 2020.
  • Limited to 80 students for the 2020 Program.
  • Register through February 2020 and Save $520 on the total price of the program.


ANMCB Board Certified Naturopath
OR KnowYourWellness Traditional Naturopathy Graduate


Naturopathic Doctor


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