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Ensuring Proper Immune Function Can Happen
Identifying and Supporting Compromised Body Systems
Targeting Exposure or Illness
Emotional/Mental Outlook and Vital Energy Flow
Skills, Tools and Resources

Why - Immune Wellness Assessment Certification?

We join with you in hoping that the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic reduce as soon as possible. However, we also recognize that regardless of how quickly quarantines are lifted, in many ways things will never return back to the way they were, especially in medicine and naturopathy. As a result of the panic that society has been through, there are two things that naturopaths are going to have to become experts in if you want to succeed in the post COVID-19 society.


Effective Online Consultations

The ability to do effective online consultations. Web-based medical consultations are quickly becoming the gold standard. If you are unwilling to adapt and provide this to your clients, they will find someone that allows them the safety and security of a consultation without leaving their home. We know that many in the naturopathic community think that this social distance panic is not the right focus, but it matter less what you think and more about your clients feeling comfortable. It matters how your clients feel. This quarantine has given millions of people the feeling that they are safer receiving services at home in a web-based platform. So don’t fight this trend, instead let us teach you how to effectively do this.

Immune Wellness Training

We will see that immune system, or immune response, related principles will, without question, dominate the next decade of research, marketing, publication, television, social and print media. In short, we are entering the immune system focused age. Clients want to know that you understand the intricate balancing act that is our immune response. Clients want to see that you have some additional certification specializing in Immune Wellness. Let us train you in how to do Immune Wellness Assessments and give you the additional credentials of completing our Immune Wellness Assessment certification program.

5 Parts of Immune Wellness Assessment Certification

Immune Wellness Assessment Certification

01. Ensuring Proper Immune Function Can Happen

In this section, you will learn the foundational principles that surround the complicated interaction between each body system’s immune function. You will learn how to ensure proper function by identifying what critical elements, such as nutrients and lifestyle actions, are essential for a properly measured and balanced immune response. Perhaps one of the most misunderstood parts of the myth of “your immune system” is that this system always needs boosting. We teach you how to ensure that the body has the ability to increase or decrease biological and metabolic processes of each individual system. This balance can only be achieved when the body has the tools required to have a proper response to outside environmental and pathogenic factors. In summary, you will learn to empower the body to take care of itself by ensuring it has the proper essential elements to perform it’s divinely created synergistic immune reaction.

02. Identifying and Supporting Compromised Body Systems

In this section, you will learn how to guide your clients in addressing weakened body systems that they are already aware are compromised because of diagnosed illnesses. This means understanding how modern health imbalances or deficiencies affect each system’s immune response. You also need to understand how to target changes that will stabilize a weakened body system for a stable immune response. At the same time, ensuring that such changes will not only provide short term stability in immune response, but will also assist in long-term wellness of that body system. A naturopathic perspective requires that you are not just looking at the immediate immune balance, but that you are also simultaneously evaluating the long-term, whole-person wellness effects of your recommendations.

03. Targeting Exposure or Illness

In this section, you will become an expert on the differences between each of the 5 categories of pathogenic organisms. Understanding the differences between each organism is just the beginning. You must also understand the tissue states that the various organisms reside in, so that you can understand what naturopathic modalities and concepts apply. Lastly, you need to understand how to address such organisms with several different remedies concomitantly. It is this balancing of identifying the type of organism, the tissue state and how to address it with herbs, nutrients, homeopathics, essential oils, reflex/point balancing, energetic techniques, and all other tools at your disposal. It’s the ability to see the big picture of pathogenic infection, combined with the knowledge of all healing modalities, that makes this naturopathic approach so affective for all types of imbalances. It is really learning how to assist the body in balancing, so that they body has the best chance of overcoming any pathogenic organism it faces.

04. Emotional/Mental Outlook and Vital Energy Flow

The holistic philosophy of health teaches that there is never a physical imbalance that does not have some part of it rooted in emotions and bio-electric energy flow. In this section we will equip you to assist your clients in addressing the emotional or energetic factors that are present in all illness and dysfunction. Learn how to assist clients in making lifestyle changes and utilizing tools, such as flower or tree essences, essential oils and acupoint and other balancing techniques to balance the emotional and energetic body system. You will also learn to identify emotional imbalances that are beyond the scope of a naturopath, herbalist or a certified holistic professional and how to bring a licensed mental health professional into the wellness balancing process. The holistic philosophy that is at the core of all natural health modalities demands that any truly balanced wellness protocol addresses emotional and energetic factors.

05. Skills, Tools and Resources

Perhaps because of the respect for the traditional healing arts and traditional remedies, we find that natural health professionals are often not as educated on how to practice online. However, now entering the third decade of the 21st century AND because of the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic, practitioners can no longer afford to isolate themselves to a brick and mortar practice. A strong online presence and online systems that allow people from all over the world to benefit from your training and expertise is no longer just an option. It is an essential component required for a successful practice. In this section, you will learn about what online services can assist you in your practice and ensure that you are no longer isolated from those looking for the help that you can provide.

Immune Wellness Assessment Certification

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