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The Traditional Naturopathy Program is the foundation upon which all of our other curriculum rests. It is made up of 6 different Terms. Its purpose is to teach actionable ways to apply a comprehensive understanding of advanced herbology, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, eating, fitness, cleansing, stimulating healing, lifestyle changes, and dozens of other topics that work together as we aid you in achievingbalance between all the body's systems. This program also provides a working understanding of each of the systems of the body and how they work together. You will learn how to effectively and ethically coach others as they create their own path to wellness. It includes a comprehensive education of single herb's properties, combination considerations, herbal botany, wildcrafting, modern quality control practices and standards, and processing herbs for use in teas, diffusions, decoctions, salves and tinctures.  As a Traditional Naturopath, you will be equipped to understand all areas of natural wellness so that you can work and intelligently converse with all types of doctors and professionals. You will be confident in your ability to assist people as they establish a foundational nutritional supplementation routine and strengthen weakened body systems, establish appropriate eating and fitness habits, and work through specific cleanses to aid the body in achieving wellness. This program is what all our other programs build upon and it is far more comprehensive than other herbology programs that are commonly considered. 

After you have completed the full Traditional Naturopathy program, you are eligible to participate in our many post graduate programs and workshops.  For example, our Advanced Clinical Iridology program is one of the most sought after opportunities by our graduates. 

What is Traditional Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is the governing discipline or umbrella under which all types of natural healing fall. Every type of holistic modality from homeopathy and nutrition to essential oils and iridology fall under the discipline known as Naturopathy. In our modern age where information is at your fingertips, far too many practitioners focus on learning what they enjoy without realizing the folly in only understanding one modality or principle of wellness. Truly effective practitioners know that it is imperative to incorporate principles from many different disciplines to truly practice holistically. These practitioners are Board Certified Traditional Naturopaths.

Career Path Options

Even though over half of our participants in the program are individuals that are taking this program for their own learning and well-being, or to compliment their current occupation, we still have many participants that want to know what professional career options await them as a Traditional Naturopath. Most students find they will use their education from this program in one of three ways: 

1) Working as a Traditional Naturopath, you will be equipped to bridge the gap between people that want to walk the path of wellness and the mass amounts of marketing and company rhetoric that is too common in this field.  You can assist people to establish a wellness path by guiding, teaching, educating, motivating, inspiring, and literally being the person that walks the path to wellness along with them.  This can be done part-time or as a full-time clinical practitioner. 

2) Working with a nutritional, herbal, essential oil or other wellness company is for many the reason why individuals enter the field of wellness.  Ethical companies with quality products are such a value to natural wellness and provide an exciting opportunity for people that want to make holistic wellness a permanent occupation.  Many of these companies are also very skilled in providing good education; however, their education is sometimes deemed biased by a prospective customer. The other problem that is sometimes encountered is that perhaps this education, rightfully so, centers on understanding the products produced by their wellness company.  This is the reason why an education as a Traditional Naturopath is so valuable to someone in this position.  By being educated in all areas of natural medicine, a Traditional Naturopath is able to sit down and confidently discuss all topics of natural wellness with any number of doctors and wellness professionals. This overcomes that awkward position that someone that is new to working with a wellness company finds themselves in when they try to talk to experts or practitioners in the field only to realize that they don't understand enough about wellness in general to answer the questions of a perspective business associate.  This will help settle the concerns by those that may not trust your advice because they think you are just a company representative. In short, it gives you the confidence and credibility to become a powerful asset to your company and equips you to be truly successful in your business endeavors. 

3) For many, the Traditional Naturopathy Program may be a first step in their educational path.  We regularly have people add to their education with one of many other post graduate programs, such as our Advanced Clinical Iridology program.

How fast can I complete the program? 

All of our programs are self-paced. The time it takes to complete a program greatly depends upon the student's background, ambition and ability.  The only limitation is that for your benefit, tuition payments and live classes are spread out over a 24 month period for the full Traditional Naturopathy program. You have access beyond this tuition time frame so you will have adequate time to complete the Program. 

Can I enroll in a single term?

We strive to provide the most comprehensive Traditional Naturopathy program available. In order to do that, we build our terms off of concepts in other terms. For this reason, we do not accept enrollment into a single term. Most often when someone asks about doing a single term, it is because they feel confident in a specific discipline like essential oils, herbology, or nutrition. However, when they look at our terms more closely, they realize that we teach many very unique concepts, principles and techniques and they decide to enroll in the full program regardless of their previous training.

Is this an online or a live program?

Choosing a distance learning, web-based program is for most the only option that they have in learning holistic wellness. Yet, critics say that the absence of interactive, live learning is why such a program is not a credible program. Here at the Int'l Institute of Natural Wellness Education, we are uniquely equipped with the experience and connections to be able to bring outstanding lectures right to a town near you. Each Term includes a 2 day live lecture that is the key to each of these Terms. Whether you are flying to another city or attending lectures in your own town, these live lectures are where you will find yourself not only learning and gaining hands-on experience, but also forging life-long relationships with other professionals from all across the the country. In this way we offer the convenience of online learning with the value of live classes.

Can I enroll if there is not a live class near me?

Each of our 6 terms has an associated 2 day live class. These classes are required; however, we have three ways to attend these classes. Visit our website for current locations and dates. We have class locations all around the country where we offer our 2 day classes spread over 2 years. This way you only have to travel to a location approximately every 4 months. Sponsoring a class is the quickest and surest way to have classes near you. We need between 25-45 students near a major airport and we will provide the classes for your group. Our combined classes are our most used option. With this method, you do the online work for the first three terms and then travel in to a 6 day combined live class. Following the live class, you complete the final projects for those terms and do the online work for the last three terms before returning to another 6 day combined live class the following year. Regardless of how you choose to attend, the big picture is that once you are enrolled you become family. We invite students to attend any location, and we regularly have graduates that attend classes over and over to improve their proficiency.  

What does board certified mean?

National Board Certification through the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board (ANMCB) is by far the most recognized and respected credential in this profession. We strongly encourage our students to sit for their national board exams and then become active members of the American Naturopathic Medical Association (ANMA). We are honored that our program is one of a select few programs whose graduates are eligible to sit for this exam. It is recognized by clients and colleagues alike as a milestone accomplishment.  

What type of people take this program?

Our students come from every walk of life and background. We have students that are new to natural medicine as well as practitioners that have been doing this for a lifetime. We have doctors, nurses, chiropractors, massage therapist and all other types of health professionals. We even have many students that are already Board Certified Naturopaths that choose to go through our program because it is so unique in its scope.  

Do you offer an actual graduation?

In conjunction with the ANMA’s annual conference and the ANMCB board exams, we hold an annual graduation where students, family and faculty celebrate this achievement and present each graduate with their Traditional Naturopathy Certificate of Completion. This is a significant milestone that you can be proud of, and it is worth celebrating!  

What supplements, herbs & essential oils are used in class?

The International Institute of Natural Wellness Education has not or will ever accept partnering with a specific supplement/oil/herbal product provider. We are strictly an educational organization with a commitment to the highest caliber of Traditional Naturopathy education found around the world.

In early 2013, the decision was made that even though we valued our position as an independent education institution, it was imperative that we made a decision on a single company that we could use during our classes and workshops for demonstration. We needed the repeatability and consistency that came with the use of the same products throughout our program. This company had to have the highest commitment to testing and purity standards that we could find and it also had to have a reputation of honesty and ethical practice. After investigating many products and companies, we, as the Faculty and Board, decided to exclusively use Nature’s Sunshine Products for demonstration during our live classes and workshops. Since then this company has continued to prove to us that it’s commitment to quality and purity standards matches our dedication to education.

We are not now, nor in the future, looking to change to another product line. Our Board and Advisors are familiar with this product line and we continue to experience reliable, repeatable results as we use them in class for demonstration. As a result of this decision, it is class policy that students are not permitted to bring their own supplements/oils/herbs to class. The purpose of these classes is to learn skills of Traditional Naturopathy and not to promote your own products. We will supply all needed herbs/oils/nutrients and so forth for our live classes. If we find that there is a specific herb or nutrient that we cannot acquire through Nature’s Sunshine (such as liquid iodine tincture for testing) then we as a Board will source it for use in class. Please do not bring any of your own products to class.

We also regularly get requests to review different product lines for use in class. Though we appreciate that so many companies recognize our organization, we are not accepting or considering any new product lines for use in class. Our choice to utilize Nature’s Sunshine products in class is in no way a legal or financial partnership with Nature’s Sunshine. We do not speak for them or have any official affiliation with this company other than our appreciation for their ever improving quality and commitment to a complete product line.  

"One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedents of chemical therapy over nutrition. It is a substitution of artificial therapy over natural, of poison over food, in which we are feeding people poisons trying to correct the reactions of starvation."

Dr. Royal Lee - January 12, 1951

Knowledge Is the Seed of Wellness