This is just a few of the many responses we have received about our programs & lectures

I have attended 12 years of college and felt I understood the important aspects of raising a family and providing for them. Participating in these classes has added knowledge and concepts that will shape my wife and I as well as influence our children for good and generations to come. Great presentation--providers are extremely knowledgeable and have a lively presentation of material. Don't miss the chance to experience this course.

E. Jones, Ph.D. 

I was somewhat skeptical but was intrigued by the course description. From the beginning of the first lecture class I knew I was in the right place and at the right time. The interaction with the other class participants, the presenters, the topics, and of course, the movement ---excellent. I have been looking for a course study or program that encompasses a variety of holistic topics, including nutrition. I found it! Or it found me! Perfect. Thank you. 

Jeanna K. 

I have never been so excited to go back to school. To a 20 year old, just out of college, school is a hard lifestyle. But I have NEVER been so grateful and pumped up about learning what we can do to HEAL ourselves and those around us. It has been such a great experience and I am SO stoked to continue and learn and apply the absolute truths I have been taught. The quality of information at the price is a STEAL of a deal and I wake up wanting to learn as much as I can from our instructors.

Andie P.

I must confess that coming into this class I was skeptical. Fortunately for me (an M.D. trying to get more into natural medicine) the most important thing was to just say that I'd done the classes and tried not to expect too much. The price was fantastic so I signed up. I have been very impressed so far with the classes. The instructors are wonderful and the lectures are very informative and enjoyable. I have learned many things that are entirely new to me, and in certain areas that I thought I knew quite about I have had the information "filled out" a bit making it much easier to understand than in previous classes I have taken. 
I am very impressed that they are with an international university with a very broad range of curriculum and further learning opportunities. I greatly look forward to each class. I want to thank both Dr. Hollist and Dr. Nuzum for being not only very good instructors, but also for being so very well informed on the topics discussed.

Dr. Mark, M.D.

I must say that the information I have received from your wellness seminars has been way beyond my expectations. I have been a student of nutrition for many years but I learned many new facts and figures. Perhaps the best past of the lectures is that each subject supports all of the others. I would highly recommend them to anyone regardless of their age, status or goals. Every mother, caregiver, or professional could benefit from the information and instruction. If I achieve nothing but improving my own individual health it will have been worth the money and effort in attending.

JoAnne C.

Absolutely fascinating classes. Loads of information presented in a very digestible way. Wonderful learning environment. Lots of questions from students and answers from instructors. I'm so happy to be involved with learning truth. I leave class thirsting for even more than we usually have time for. Great motivation to study and learn more. 

Ivy H.

The Know Your Wellness Program has been eye opening and life changing! I feel empowered, excited and capable to change my life and help those around me change theirs. I'm so grateful to Matthew Hollist and those who work with him for doing what it has required to put this together! Can't wait for more!

Karen P.

I have enjoyed every minute of my education through the Int'l Institute
of Natural Wellness Education. . . The doctors and teachers are some
of the most inspirational and educated people I've ever met.

I have so enjoyed the Know Your Wellness classes. Just for the short time I have been attending them, my life has been changed and so has my families. The classes are fun, filled with great energy, informative and life changing. Thank you Dr. Nuzum and Dr. Hollist for your time, love and energy.

Linda T.

I have really enjoyed these classes. I love the way they are taught. The doctors are always available for questions. We have a lot of laughs while learning. I really haven't found anything that I don't like or haven't enjoyed. Thanks so much for everything! 

Aubrei T.

My wife and I are enjoying and benefiting from the course being taught by Dr. Hollist and his associates.  We have backgrounds in natural healing and want to keep learning, always, so some of the information is review. However, this experience is boosting us further and filling in the gaps and giving us an opportunity to meet with like-minded students while giving us critical information, ideas, options and updates on natural healing choices.  We are able to ask all the questions we need to further help our process of always learning.

Tom M.

Classes are great. They are more like open-discussion rather then set schedules. It is a great way to get clarification and better understanding on topics being discussed. With such a change in times, Naturopathic/holistic medicine is such an answer to prayers. The knowledge and hands-on discussions make learning apply what is taught. I have loved the opportunity to learn this young and apply to my family. 

Erika M.

This has been amazing! Even though I have been on the "holistic" path for many years, I have learned many more truths that I needed to learn to enrich what I am presently doing. Very inspiring on several levels- I feel very blessed to have attended. Most sincerely with much gratitude.

Marlene Y.