Our proprietary method of educating combines the convenience of online learning with the value of live interactions with your Clinical Advisors, Professors and live hands-on workshops. Why? Because we take your education seriously, and there are some things you should only learn in person.


We have assembled the finest staff of Adjunct Professors from around the world. These experts provide on-demand web modules that you can review as many times as you need, ensuring you understand each principle taught. These modules include downloads, handouts, note outlines, reading assignments, and other tools along with a quiz to ensure that you understand how to apply each naturopathic principle. This on-demand step also ensures that you are getting the most up to date information as we are constantly adding and updating modules.

2 - DO

Arguably the most unique part of our program is the hands-on experience you receive in each of our 6 required live interactive 2 day classes. These classes are where you learn techniques that could never be taught online. We limit the class size so there is an extensive amount of hands-on opportunity. We include a full color manual for each of these 2 day classes. Not only will you learn valuable assessment techniques and practice them on your classmates, you will also build long lasting friendships with students from around the country.

Classes are taught around the country, and you have the option of attending an already existing location, sponsoring a class series near you of 25 or more students, or traveling in to one of our combined classes. These combined classes are what many students choose because we combine several classes into 2 different 6 day classes. We also encourage our students to attend these classes as graduates as often as they wish.

3 - APPLY 

Knowledge is only as valuable as your ability to put it into action. With each term you receive hypothetical practicums that you will work on with your Clinical Advisors, building your confidence in your knowledge and skills.

Along with learning to apply your skills in your hypothetical practicums, you will also have the opportunity to apply these skills into your own life. One member of our Board of Directors is dedicated solely to “Student Habit Development”. In each of the 6 terms you will set personal goals of changes that you are going to make in your life for 21 days. In this way not only do we teach you how to inspire change in others, we invite you to make these changes in yourself as well.


The fourth key to each term is a final project where you, with your Clinical Advisor, have the opportunity to expand your circle of influence and expertise. The 6 final projects that you will do vary from research projects about herbs growing in your local area to hosting community education classes. We help make this easy by walking with you every step of the way as these projects expand your confidence.

"One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedents of chemical therapy over nutrition. It is a substitution of artificial therapy over natural, of poison over food, in which we are feeding people poisons trying to correct the reactions of starvation."

Dr. Royal Lee - January 12, 1951

Knowledge Is the Seed of Wellness