As our alumni will attest, one of many philosophies that sets our Traditional Naturopathy Program apart is our dedication to one on one interaction with our students.  This interaction is facilitated with participation in live classes, communication with a different Clinical Advisor for each Term, quizzes by Adjunct Professors and through our unique mentoring program.  


You may have heard us say before, “Our legacy is our graduates, and our mission is your wellness.”  It is through the legacy of our graduates that most of our students hear about our Traditional Naturopathy Program.  It is a friend or colleague that with enthusiasm tells you, the prospective student, all that they are learning or have learned in this comprehensive program.  We recognize that when you enroll as a new student, along with asking questions of our Clinical Advisors, Adjunct Professors and live workshops instructors, you will likely spend time asking questions of the person who referred you to this program.  In actuality, that person begins to function as your mentor.  They are the one constant who will walk the path with you as you spend 2 years learning more complete principles of natural wellness.  Our mentoring system helps compensate them for the time that they invest in you, the new student. 
When you enroll, one of the questions that you will see on the enrollment form is, “Who is your mentor / Who referred you to this program?”  Not everyone is eligible to be your mentor because only someone who has completed or is going through our program has the breadth of training to help you at each stage of your growth.  The mentor that you list must be an alumni, faculty, or a student who has completed the first half of the program, including attending the first three live classes and is actively completing the remainder of the program.  Our computer system will then link this mentor to you through your educational journey and your mentor will receive a monthly compensation for the role in your education. This means that they are being paid to assist you during you classes so you should never feel uncomfortable asking for assistance no matter the question.  
There are few things as rewarding as being a part of the education of others.  We regularly have students ask if they can help the teaching efforts of our organization.  This mentoring system provides such an opportunity.  Some students will help 4 or 5 friends go through the program and as such receive $80-$100/month for the course of 24 months ($20/student that your are mentoring per month for 24 months).  Others may be touched by the spirit of education and will choose to complete the program and then organize a full group in their area of 30-50 students, acting as a mentor for the full group.  The compensation then becomes a significant income.  A group of 50 students at $20/month is $1,000/month for 24 months.  So, whether you are helping one close friend go through the program or facilitating a whole class, we value the role that our mentors play in the educational process.  As you go through the program, your mentor will be an invaluable resource, and we look forward to you completing the program and beginning to mentor others in the remarkable field of Traditional Naturopathy.  

"One of the biggest tragedies of human civilization is the precedents of chemical therapy over nutrition. It is a substitution of artificial therapy over natural, of poison over food, in which we are feeding people poisons trying to correct the reactions of starvation."

Dr. Royal Lee - January 12, 1951

Knowledge Is the Seed of Wellness